Ламинопластика и корпорэктомия в лечении спондилогенной шейной миелопатии

S. Arestov, D.V. Petrosyan, Kasheev А.А., Vershinin А.V., Poltorako Е.N., Guscha А.О. & M.D. Dreval
Introduction: Cervical Spondylotic myelopathy (CSM) is a disabling manifestation of extended cervical stenosis characterized by pronounced neurological dysfunction. Decompressive interventions contribute to significant regression of symptoms and, in some cases, complete recovery can be achieved. Objective: To explore the potential of laminoplasty in patients with extended cervical spondylotic stenoses complicated by myelopathy, and to develop approaches for surgical intervention in these patients. Material and methods: 56 patients were included in the study. Laminoplasty was performed...
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