Hysteresis of the soil water-retention capacity: estimating the scanning branches

Vitaly Terleev, Aleksandr Nikonorov, Roman Ginevsky, Viktor Lazarev, Issa Togo, Alex Topaj, Kirill Moiseev, Viktoriia Pavlova, Kasim Layshev, Mikhail Arkhipov, Aleksandr Melnichuk, Ielizaveta Dunaieva & Wilfried Mirschel
Designing of underground constructions, such as irrigation and drainage systems, requires engineering surveys. Such surveys include the study of the hydrological conditions of the territory, which are determined by the hydrophysical properties of soils, such as their water-retention capacity. The formation of a hysteresis loop for the soil water-retention capacity occurs because of the variability of meteorological conditions. It is almost impossible to measure all possible scanning branches that fill the gap between the main...
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