Positron emission tomography images acquired with tracers 11C-DTBZ and 11C-RAC, and corresponding clinical data from healthy controls and patients with Parkinson’s disease

Ivan Klyuzhin, Jessie Fu, Andy Hong, Matthew Sacheli, Nikolay Shenkov, Michele Matarazzo, Arman Rahmim, Jon Stoessl & Vesna Sossi
This is a public data repository for the PLOS ONE (https://journals.plos.org/plosone/) publication entitled "Data-driven, voxel-based analysis of brain PET images: application of PCA and LASSO methods to visualize and quantify patterns of neurodegeneration". The repository contains imaging and clinical data from healthy controls and Parkinson's disease patients that is necessary to replicate the findings of the study. Specifically, the package contains: 1) 11C-DTBZ and 11C-RAC striatal PET images for each study subject, separated into better...
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