AMPHIBIAN CSIC experimental data SrFe12O19 platelets SciRep2018. AMPHIBIAN CSIC simulated data SrFe12O19 platelets SciRep2018. [Dataset]

Guiomar D. Soria, P. Jenus, J.F. Marco, A. Mandziak, M. Sánchez-Arenillas, F. Moutinho, J. E. Prieto, P. Prieto, Jorge I. Cerdá, César. Tejera-Centeno, Silvia Gallego, M. Foerster, L. Aballe, M. Valvidares, H.B. Vasili, E. Pereiro, Adrián Quesada, J. De La Figuera &
[EN] Platelets of strontium hexaferrite (SrFeO, SFO), up to several micrometers in width, and tens of nanometers thick have been synthesized by a hydrothermal method. They have been studied by a combination of structural and magnetic techniques, with emphasis on Mössbauer spectroscopy and X-ray absorption based-measurements including spectroscopy and microscopy on the iron-L edges and the oxygen-K edge, allowing us to establish the differences and similarities between our synthesized nanostructures and commercial powders. The Mössbauer...
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