A Sustainable Self-Induced Solution Seeding Approach for Multipurpose BiFeO3 Active Layers in Flexible Electronic Devices

Óscar Barrios, Ricardo Jiménez, Jesús Ricote Santamaría, Pedro Tartaj, M. L. Calzada & Íñigo Bretos
[EN] The direct integration of crystalline oxide layers into flexible electronic systems requires the development of relatively simple, low-temperature processing routes. Seeding represents a powerful strategy to reach this objective by the generation of preferential sites for the nucleation of crystalline phases with a reduced energy barrier. Here, a novel approach is reported where nanoseeds are generated in-situ from a precursor solution using a solvent-engineering strategy (solvent-antisolvent). The controlled addition of an antisolvent (1,3-propanediol) to...
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