Thelytokous parthenogenesis by dealate queens in the myrmicine ant Monomorium hiten distributed in Nansei Islands, western Japan, with description of the male

, Shogo Makita, Hirotaka Nakao, Ryota Hosokawa, Tomonori Kikuchi & Seiki Yamane
Thelytokous reproduction by dealate queens in Monomorium hiten Terayama, 1996, collected from four islands of the Nansei Islands (Okinawa Prefecture, Japan) was confirmed in the field and laboratory. Dissection revealed that all dealate queens (N = 38) found in nine field collected colonies were uninseminated. Orphan colonies reared in the laboratory produced alate queens and they laid eggs from which workers or alate queens emerged. Alate queens reared in isolation produced nanitic workers without food...
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