On a collection of Formicidae (Hymenoptera:Vespoidea) from Buxa Tiger Reserve, West Bengal, India, with new records of one rare genus and a rare species

& Saroj Sheela
One day’s collection of Formicidae from the Buxa Tiger Reserve of West Bengal, India yielded a total of 19 species from 15 genera and five subfamilies, of which six species are reported for the first time in the state of West Bengal (Philidris sp., Odontoponera transversa (Smith), Tapinoma indicum Forel, Crematogaster ransonneti Mayr, Lophomyrmex kali Rigato and Monomorium scabriceps (Mayr)). The genus Philidris is recorded here for the first time from mainland India. Lophomyrmex kali...
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