Taxonomic studies on ant genus Hypoponera (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Ponerinae) from India

Himender Bharti, Shahid Ali Akbar, & Joginder Singh
The Indian species of the ant genus Hypoponera Santschi, 1938 are treated herewith. Eight species are recognized of which three are described as new and two infraspecific taxa are raised to species level. The eight Indian species are: H. aitkenii (Forel, 1900) stat. nov., H. assmuthi (Forel, 1905), H. confinis (Roger, 1860), H. kashmirensis sp. nov., H. shattucki sp. nov., H. ragusai (Emery, 1894), H. schmidti sp. nov. and H. wroughtonii (Forel, 1900) stat. nov....
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