A mechanistic and synthetic study on Ziegler-Natta polymerization catalysts based on vanadium complexes.

Yinlin. Ma
A series of V(III) catalysts with different substituted 1,3-dionates $\rm(V(acac)\sb3$ 2.1, V(Cy-$\rm acac)\sb3$ 2.2, V(t-Bu-$\rm acac)\sb3$ 2.3 and V(F-$\rm acac)\sb3$ 2.4 were prepared and characterized and their activities towards olefin polymerization were systematically compared. V(Cy-$\rm acac)\sb3$ 2.2 shows a slightly higher activity than the traditional catalyst $\rm V(acac)\sb3$ 2.1. The catalytically active species is relatively insensitive to modification of both the electronic and steric features of the acac ligand. The preparation of V(II) and V(IV)...
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