Geochemistry of Proterozoic carbonates, Belt Supergroup, Montana and Idaho, U.S.A.

Susan Margaret. Hall
An increase in the degree of post-depositional alteration of Belt limestones is reflected in a diminution of Sr and Mg content, increase in Mn and by depletion in $\sp $C and $\sp $O. $\delta\sb1\sp8$O of limestones ranges from +13.4 to +22.9$\perthous$ SMOW and $\delta\sp $C from $-$5.6 to +2.4$\perthous$ PDB. Two diagenetic trends can be resolved for the limestones. One, affecting the presumed originally aragonite-rich sediments, comprises the Newland, Libby and perhaps the Snowslip Formations....
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