Cathodic processes at electrodes in potassium fluoride-hydrofluoric acid (1/2) and potassium hydroxide-water (1/2) melts and the effect of adsorbed catalyst poisons.

Lijun. Gao
The industrial production of F$\sb2$ is through the electrolysis process from HF melt. The reaction of $\rm HF\to F\sb2+H\sb2$ includes the anodic production of F$\sb2$ and cathodic H$\sb2$ evolution. It is the latter process on which this thesis study has been concentrated. The objectives of the research were to characterize the polarization behaviour of the electrocatalyst material, a Ni-Mo-Cd composite, for the H$\sb2$ evolution reaction (HER) from the KF$\cdot$2HF melt, its comparison with that from...
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