Organic electronic and photonic devices based on pentacene and modified oligo-p-phenylenevinylenes

Timothy C Gorjanc
This thesis is an account of the fabrication of organic field effect transistors using pentacene and two novel oligomers; bis-(4,4'-(biphenyl)ethenyl)phenyl and bis-(4,4'-(octylbiphenyl)ethenyl)phenyl. Organic light emitting diodes were also fabricated using bis-(4,4'-(biphenyl)ethenyl)phenyl and bis-(4,4'-(octylbiphenyl)ethenyl)phenyl in various configurations. A hole field effect mobility of 2.4 cm2-/Vs was observed in pentacene transistor. To our knowledge, this is one of the highest field effect mobilities obtained from a polycrystalline pentacene thin film. bis-(4,4'-(biphenyl)etlhenyl)phenyl displayed extremely poor film forming qualities...
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