Chemistry of medium-valent vanadium amide complexes.

Nathalie. Desmangles
The chemistry of low-valent vanadium was extensively investigated especially in the organometallic field. Apart from cyclopentadienyl and alkoxides (or aryloxides) derivatives, its chemistry is poorly developed. Among the supporting ligands for the stabilization of low-valent vanadium, alkylamides need to be studied in more details. By introducing bulky amides such as $\rm R\sb2N\sp-\ (R = \sp{i}Pr,$ Cy, $\rm SiMe\sb3,\ C\sb6H\sb5,$ 3,5-Me$\sb2$Ph and Ad) in chemistry of vanadium(III) and vanadium(IV), we have opened a new field in...
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