Phytoplankton differential sensitivity to pesticide stress: Predicting vulnerability and identifying response mechanisms in freshwater algae exposed to the insecticide fenitrothion.

Robert A. Kent
Axenic batch cultures of twelve freshwater phytoplankton species were used to study the molecular, cellular and population effects of the organophosphorus insecticide fenitrothion (O,O-Dimethyl-O-nitro-m-tolyl phosphorothioate) on algae. The unicellular chlorophytes Ankistrodesmus falcatus, Chlamydomonas segnis, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, Chlorella pyrenoidosa, Chlorella vulgaris, Cosmarium sp., Pediastrum sp., Scenedesmus obliquus, Selenastrum capricomutum and Staurastrum sp., the bacillariophyte Navicula sp., and the cyanophyte Anabaena sp. were exposed to three treatment levels of fenitrothion. Differential algistasis was observed among the species...
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