Raman spectroscopic studies of acyl cysteine proteases.

John D. Doran
For a series of acyl cysteine proteases structure-reactivity relationships for the deacylation step have been established using a combination of Raman and absorption spectroscopies and enzyme kinetics. The simple chromophoric ligand 5-methylthienylacryloyl- (5MTA-) and three novel peptide based substrates labelled with the 5MTA- moiety, were used to create acyl enzyme adducts with papain, cathepsin B, cathepsin L, and protein engineered mutants of cathepsins B and L. The chromophoric specific substrates, 2-Ethoxycarbamido-3-(5-methylthienyl)acryloyl ethyl ester (NHCOOEt5MTAEt), 2-(N-acetyl-L-alanine)amino-3(5-methylthienyl)acryloyl...
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