The Implementation and Impact of a Self-Regulation Intervention on the Levels and Experiences of Stress, Burnout, Well-Being, and Self-Regulation Capacity of University Student-Athletes with Moderate to High Levels of Burnout

Nicole Dubuc-Charbonneau
Gaps. University student-athletes face several unique demands that can contribute to greater levels of stress (Gould & Whitley, 2009; Kimball & Freysinger, 2003). If unresolved, stress can compromise well-being and lead to burnout (DeFreese & Smith, 2014). Many studies have shed light on the burnout process of athletes (Goodger, Gorely, Lavallee, & Harwood, 2007; Gustafsson, Kenttä, & Hassmén, 2011). Yet, despite the negative outcomes reported, little has been done to remediate the incidence of burnout...
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