Magnetic properties and Mossbauer spectroscopy of novel alloys

Pu Wang
This thesis is an experimental study of structural and magnetic properties, and hyperfine interactions in crystalline alloys Cu2GdIn, CrNiP, CrNiAs, EuCu2Si2, Cr2FeSe4 and icosahedral quasicrystals Al60Cr19.9Fe0.1Ge 20, Ag50In36Gd14, Zn77Fe 7Sc16. The Heusler alloy Cu2GdIn is shown to crystallize in the L21 crystal structure (space group Fm3¯ m) with a lattice constant of 6.6643(3) A. It is an antiferromagnet with the Neel temperature of 9.6(1) K, the effective magnetic moment of 7.98(4) muB per Gd atom,...
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