Photoelectronic study of GaAs epilayers and InxGa1-xAs/GaAs quantum wells.

Ye. Wang
The photoelectromagnetic (PEM) effect was used to perform experiments on photocarriers' transport properties in GaAs substrates and epitaxial layers. For the undoped semi-insulating substrate, the carriers' mobility $\mu$ at T = 77K was measured by PEM effect method, giving a value of $\mu$ = 40,000 cm$\sp2$ V$\sp{-1}$s$\sp{-1}$. It was found that the carriers' diffusion length is L$\sb{\rm D}$ = 0.27 $\mu$m at T = 300K and L$\sb{\rm D}$ = 0.44 $\mu$m at T = 77K....
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