Part~A. Synthesis of optically active alpha-substituted acids. Part~B. The use of rhodium carbenoid reactions in organic synthesis.

Suresh Dhandayutham. Babu
Part A. Chapter 1. The Sharpless epoxidation product from E-4-phenyl-2-butene-1-ol and diethyl D-tartrate was converted into L-($-$)-phenylalanine in three steps. After completion of the above synthesis Sharpless published an extensive study of the synthesis of $\alpha$-amino acids via essentially the same route. Therefore the project was abandoned. Optically active 2-arylpropionic acids such as 2-phenylpropionic acid, 2-napthylpropionic acid, and 2-(4-isobutylphenyl)-propionic acid (Ibuprofen) were synthesized in two steps from Sharpless epoxidation products. Part B. Chapter 2. The...
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