Delving into the rare-earth metal chemistry of pyrrole-based ligands: Synthesis and analysis of divalent samarium and ytterbium pyrrolide complexes.

Christian Denis. Bérubé
The reaction of YbI2(THF)2 with diphenylmethyldipyrrolide leads to a complex reaction from which is obtained an octameric divalent Yb macrocycle (Diphenyldipyrromethanedi-yl-Yb)8 2.1 as a major product, but from which is also isolated a tetrameric cyclic Yb(II)-oxo complex [(diphenyldipyrrolyl-methanedi-yl)Yb]4[(K2)(THF) 6](mu-O)•2(THF) 2.2•2(THF) and a monomeric Yb(III) complex, Yb(diphenyldipyrrolylmethane-di-yl)3(K 3THF3) 2.3, as minor products. Complex 2.1 is analogous to the Sm(II) dipyrrolide octameric clusters obtained under an argon atmosphere, which are thought to represent the intermediate species in...
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