Electronic structure of quasicrystals studied by photoemission spectroscopy.

Guowei. Zhang
To investigate the electronic structure of the high-quality quasicrystals, photoemission spectroscopy measurements have been carried out using synchrotron radiation source in the photo-energy range 35-150 eV. The studied quasicrystals are icosahedral Al$\rm\sb{70}Pd\sb{20}Mn\sb ,\ Al\sb{65}Cu\sb{20}Os\sb ,$ and $\rm Al\sb{65}Cu\sb{20}Ru\sb ,$ and decagonal $\rm Al\sb{65}Co\sb Cu\sb{20}$ and $\rm Al\sb{70}Co\sb Ni\sb .$ Resonance photoemission near the transition from the shallow core levels to the d valence bands has been employed to show that the feature close to the...
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