An End-to-end System for Automatic Characterization of Iba1 Immunopositive Microglia in Whole Slide Imaging: Data

Alexander D. Kyriazis, Shahriar Noroozizadeh, Amir Refaee, Woongcheol Choi, Lap-Tak Chu, Asma Bashir, Wai Hang Cheng, Rachel Zhao, Dhananjay R. Namjoshi, Septimiu E. Salcudean, Cheryl L. Wellington & Guy Nir
This mice brain data is used in the training and testing of a fully automated software pipeline for the characterization of Immunopositive Microglia in Whole Slide Imaging for Traumatic Brain Injury. The pipeline consists of two major components: White Matter Segmentation and Microglial Analysis in Count and Morphology, both of which use supervised machine learning algorithms that were trained using the respective folders. The pipeline was also tested as a whole for its performance using...
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