Fingerprinting of Quartzitic Outcrops at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

María Soto, Julien Favreau, Kathryn Campeau, Tristan Carter, Matthew Abtosway, Pastory M. Bushozi, Siobhan Clarke, Paul R. Durkin, Stephen M. Hubbard, Jamie Inwood, Makarius Itambu, Fergus Larter, Patrick Lee, Aloyce Mwambwiga, Rajeev Nair, Robert Patalano, Laura Tucker & Julio Mercader
The African Early Stone Age record, including that of Olduvai Gorge, reveals widespread evidence for hominin exploitation of quartzose lithic raw materials such as quartzite. However, few studies have sought to characterize these rock types grounded on the assumption that they are not amenable for provenance studies. Through the use of macroscopic, petrographic, and EDXRF analysis, we characterize source material from five quartzitic outcrops belonging to the Mozambique Belt adjacent to Olduvai Gorge. Our results...
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