Aggregated gridded bedrock depth dataset for Mackenzie and Nelson-Churchill River Basin based on bedrock data by Shangguan et al. (2017)

Kuljeet Keshav, Amin Haghnegahdar, Mohamed Elshamy, Shervan Gharari & Saman Razavi
The bedrock dataset created by Shangguan et al. (2017) is aggregated to a lower resolution (larger pixels) of 0.125 degree for Mackenzie and Nelson-Churchill River Basins for its applicability with Hydrology and Land Surface Models. This dataset is in particular generated for using with MESH (Modélisation Environnementale communautaire - Surface Hydrology), a distributed coupled hydrology-land surface model developed by Environment and Climate Change Canada, as applied to Mackenzie and Nelson-Churchill River Basins. The statistics calculated...
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