Initial Assessment of Bioavailable Strontium at Oldupai Gorge, Tanzania: Potential for Early Mobility Studies

Laura Tucker, Julien Favreau, Makarius Itambu, Fergus Larter, Neduvoto Mollel, Aloyce Mwambwiga, Robert Patalano, Patrick Roberts, María Soto & Julio Mercader
Strontium isotope analysis is a useful tool for tracing mobility and migration in past populations. For it to be employed, the 87Sr/86Sr values of the landscape must be well-understood. Bioavailable strontium is a combination of geological and atmospheric strontium available for use by plants and animals. In this study we begin mapping bioavailable strontium values around the Oldupai Gorge region so that this method may be utilized on archaeological hominins and animals in the future....
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