Morphometrics of Starch Granules from Sub-Saharan Plants and the Identification of Ancient Starch

Julio Mercader, Matthew Abtosway, Robert Bird, Mariam Bundala, Siobhan Clarke, Julien Favreau, Jamie Inwood, Makarius Itambu, Fergus Larter, Patrick Lee, Robert Patalano, María Soto, Laura Tucker & Dale Walde
The assumption that taxonomy can be ascertained by starch granule shape and size has persisted unchallenged since the late nineteenth and early twentieth century biochemistry. More recent work has established that granule morphological affinity is scattered throughout phylogenetic branches, morphotype proportions vary within the genus, granules from closely related genera can differ dramatically in shape, and size variations do not reflect phylogenetic relationships. This situation is confounded by polymorphism at the species and tissue level,...
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