Canadian Meteorological Centre’s Global Deterministic Prediction System Reforecasts (CGRF) / South West Nova Scotia (SWNS) ocean model setup

Michael P. Casey, Fatemeh Chegini & Anna Katavouta
Global atmospheric forcing data for the year 2010. Variables include: hourly wind fields at 10 m height (two components, file names starting with u10 and v10); air temperature at 2m (t2); humidity at 2m (q2); precipitation (precip); snowfall (snow); short-wave radiation (csw); and long-wave radiation (clw). Each tar.bz2 file is a monthly archive of daily netcdf files, one archive file for each variable and month of the year (e.g. "precip_y2010m09.tar.bz2" is the precipitation data for...
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