BonaRes SIGNAL, Site: Mariensee and Reiffenhausen, soil characteristics

Leonie Göbel
This data was collected in grassland agroforestry (=alley cropping of willow strips and grassland strips) at Reiffenhausen/Germany ((Salix schwerinii x S. viminalis) x S. viminalis and grass-clover mixture) and Mariensee/Germany (S. schwerinii x S. viminalis and grassland mixture consisting of Lolium perenne, Festuca pratensis, Phleum pratense, Poa pratensis) during 2016. Data was taken at 3 replicates (Mariensee)/ 4 replicates (Reiffenhausen) each in the tree strip component (=Tree) of agroforestry, the grassland component of agroforestry at...
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