Soil profile description from the research site Grinderwald, part of the research unit SubSOM

Patrick Liebmann, Patrick Wordell-Dietrich, Karsten Kalbitz, Robert Mikutta, Fabian Kalks, Axel Don, Susanne K. Woche & Georg Guggenberger
We conducted a litter manipulation experiment with 13C enriched beech litter at the Grinderwald research site, 40 km north of Hannover, Germany. The study site contains a more than 100 years old beech forest on a Dystric Cambisol. At 2 time points (11.2016, 05.2018), we took soil cores down to 180 cm soil depth and divided them in 15 depth increments. These data serve as a basis for interpretation of the field experiments conducted at...
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