Replication data for: The single Andigenum origin of Neo-Tuberosum potato materials is not supported by microsatellite and plastid marker analyses

Marc Ghislain, Jorge Nuñez, Maria Del Rosario Herrera & David M. Spooner
Genomic DNA was obtained by using standard protocols at CIP (Herrera and Ghislain 2000). DNA concentration was calculated by using PicoGreen dsDNA quantification reagent and a TBS-380 Fluorometer (Turner BioSystems). DNA dilutions were performed to achieve a Wnal concentration of 3 ng/ul using 96-well plates. We used 24 SSR markers from a new Potato Genetic Identity kit (Table 1; paper under review; Herrera et al. 2006) that updates one by Ghislain et al. (2004). PCR...
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