Replication Data for: Extensive simple sequence repeat genotyping of potato landraces supports a major reevaluation of their gene pool structure and classification

David Spooner, Jorge Nuñez, Guillermo Trujillo, Maria Del Rosario Herrera, Frank Guzman & Marc Ghislain
A total of 742 potato landraces of all cultivated potato species were examined: S. tuberosum subsp. andigenum, putatively tetraploid (251 accessions); S. ajanhuiri, diploid (22); S. chaucha, triploid (151 accessions); S. tuberosum subsp. tuberosum, tetraploid (27 accessions); S. curtilobum, pentaploid (21 accessions); S. juzepczukii, triploid (35 accessions); S. phureja, diploid (104 accessions); S. stenotomum, diploid (131 accessions); 7 diploid wild species accessions in the northern S. brevicaule complex S. ambosinum Ochoa (1 accession), S. bukasovii...
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