Raw data used in the manuscript \"The use of mixed collagen-Matrigel matrices of increasing complexity recapitulates the biphasic role of cell adhesion in cancer cell migration: ECM sensing, remodeling and forces at the leading edge of cancer invasion\"

María Anguiano, Xabier Morales, Carlos Castilla, Alejandro Rodríguez Pena, Cristina Ederra, Martín Martínez, Mikel Ariz, Maider Esparza, Hippolyte Amaveda, Mario Mora, Nieves Movilla, José Manuel García Aznar, Iván Cortés-Domínguez & Carlos Ortiz-de-Solorzano
The migration of cancer cells is highly regulated by the biomechanical properties of their local microenvironment. Using 3D scaffolds of simple composition, several aspects of cancer cell mechanosensing (signal transduction, EMC remodeling, traction forces) have been separately analyzed in the context of cell migration. However, a combined study of these factors in 3D scaffolds that more closely resemble the complex microenvironment of the cancer ECM is still missing. Here, we present a comprehensive, quantitative analysis...
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