Brain Signals and the Corresponding Hand Movement Signals Dataset (BS-HMS-Dataset)

Diksha Shukla, Sicong Chen, Yao Lu, Partha Pratim Kundu, Ravichandra Malapati, Sujit Poudel, Zhanpeng Jin & Vir Phoha
BS-HMS-Dataset is a dataset of the users' brainwave signals and the corresponding hand movement signals from a large number of volunteer participants. The dataset has two parts; (1) Neurosky based Dataset (collected over several months in 2016 from 32 volunteer partcipants), and (2) Emotiv based Dataset (collected over several months in 2019). Neurosky based Dataset - Neurosky based dataset consists of EEG data recordings from neurosky headset and the corresponding hand movements recordings from SONY...
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