Videomicroscopic Semi-Shadow Visualization of LoC-Si (Lab-on-a-Chip_[based_on]_Silicone) Test Structures using Binocular Stereoscopic Microscope and Indirect Angular Illumination Scheme (BSI-IAIS)

Zaytsev Yu., Shevchenko D. & Gradov O.
Videomicroscopic Semi-Shadow Visualization of LoC-Si (Lab-on-a-Chip_[based_on]_Silicone) test structures from Institute of Molecular Electronics (D. Shevchenko; founder of Scientific and Production Association "Microbiotechniques" Ltd.) and Russian Academy of Sciences (INEPCP RAS; ICP RAS) Vis. Tech.: MBS-10 Binocular Stereoscopic Microscope; Indirect Angular Illumination. Found.: Initiative project (D. Shevchenko, O. Gradov; 2015-2016) Fab.: JSC “Voskhod” KRLZ* * JSC “Voskhod”-KRLZ practices vacuum electron-beam and magnetron spattering techniques for the deposition of thin dielectric, resistant and metal films. JSC “Voskhod”...
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