Towards the \"Aerosol cytometry\" and \"Hydrosol cytometry\" based on laser aerosol spectrometers

Yu.V. Zhulanov, P.Yu. Makaveev & O.V. Gradov
It is possible to construct "aerosol cytometers" based on different types of Zhulanov'slaseraerosol counters | diffusionaerosol spectrometers (DAS) [1-8] and "hydrosol cytometers" based on hydrosol particle counters (adopted for ocean marine, ocean and hydrothermal conditions [9,10]). Such systems can be used for analysis of prebiotic condensation nuclei and self-organization of protobiological structures in aerosols (for example, see [11-17])not only in native / model Earth conditions, but also in extraterrestrial or exobiological conditions, because the first...
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