SIAT-PJND:Picture-level Just Noticeable Difference based stereo image dataset

Chunling Fan, Yun Zhang, Huan Zhang, Raouf Hamzaoui & Qingshan Jiang
We study the Picture-level Just Noticeable Difference (PJND) of symmetrically and asymmetrically compressed stereoscopic images for JPEG2000 and H.265 intra coding.We conduct interactive subjective quality assessment tests to determine the PJND point using both a pristine image and a distorted image as a reference.We generate two PJND-based stereo image datasets, including Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology-picture-level Just noticeable difference-based Symmetric Stereo Image dataset (SIAT-JSSI)and picture-level Just noticeable difference-based Asymmetric Stereo Image dataset (SIAT-JASI). Each dataset...
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