Fault-Tolerant Fractional-Slot PMSMs with One Coil Parallel Branches Made Phases. Part 1: Identification and Topological Characterization

Sahar Mkaouar, Aicha Maaoui, Michael Schier & Ahmed Masmoudi
The paper deals with fractional-slot permanentmagnet synchronous machines (FSPMSMs) equippedwith phases made up of one coil parallel branches. Theseexhibit attractive potentialities, especially their enhancedopen-circuit fault tolerance capability. Furthermore, thesetopologies are suitably-adapted for low-voltage power supplythat makes them viable candidates for possible integrationin the 42V automotive technology. This potentiality isfurther highlighted in battery electric vehicles where thepassenger safety is greatly improved in case of accidentsthanks to the reduction of the DC bus voltage. This first partis...
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