Regional melt-pond and open water fractions of thin Arctic first-year drift ice during ICE12 drift experiment 26.07-03.08.2012 north of Svalbard

Dmitry Divine, Christina Alsvik Pedersen, Tor Ivan Karlsen, Harald Faste Aas, Mats A. Granskog, Stephen R. Hudson, Angelika H.H. Renner, Svetlana Divina & Sebastian Gerland
The data set presents regional scale ( about 150 km) morphological properties of a relatively thin, 70–90 cm modal thickness, first-year Arctic sea ice pack in an advanced stage of melt. The data comprises fractions of three surface types (bare ice, melt ponds, and open water) along the flight tracks calculated from images acquired by a helicopter-borne camera system during ice-survey flights.The data were collected during the 8-day ICE12 drift experiment carried out by the...
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