Geochemical characterisation of Māori artefacts from Kawhia Museum, New Zealand using pXRF

Karyne M. Rogers, John Thomson, Hamish J. Campbell, Boss Mahara, Oliver McLeod & Diane Bradshaw
Non-destructive portable X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (pXRF) was used to geochemically characterise 160 indigenous Māori stone artefacts residing in the Kāwhia Museum. Geochemical comparisons were made to determine relationships between artefacts and assign lithology and origin based on their elemental composition. The most abundant artefacts were toki (adzes, 80 samples), made of either argillite (48 samples) or basalt (32 samples) rock, but also included obsidian flakes, sinker stones, patu and patu ōnewa. Key rock types included...
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