SIFTER sun-induced vegetation fluorescence data from GOME-2A (Version 2.0)

M.L. Kooreman, K.F. Boersma, E. van Schaik, R. van Versendaal, A. Cacciari & O.N.E. Tuinder
The SIFTER Sun-Induced Fluorescence (SIF) version 2 database is available. We developed an improved retrieval algorithm to retrieve mid-morning (09:30 hrs local time) SIF estimates on the global scale from GOME-2 sensor on the Metop-A satellite (GOME-2A) for the period 2007-2019. SIFTER v2 data compares well with the independent NASA v2.8 data product. Especially in the evergreen tropics, SIFTER v2 no longer shows the underestimates against other satellite products that were seen in SIFTER v1....
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