QA4ECV NO2 tropospheric and stratospheric column data from GOME

K. Folkert Boersma, Henk Eskes, Andreas Richter, Isabelle De Smedt, Alba Lorente, Steffen Beirle, Jos Van Geffen, Enno Peters, Michel Van Roozendael & Thomas Wagner
The QA4ECV NO2 Essential Climate Variable precursor product contains harmonized vertical NO2 column data: tropospheric vertical column densities and stratospheric vertical column densities. The NO2 ECV precursor data in this dataset provides geophysical information for ground pixels observed by the Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment (GOME, aboard the ERA-2 satellite; overpass time: circa 10:30 hrs) for the period July 1995 to June 2003. In addition to the vertical NO2 columns, the product contains intermediate results, such...
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