Replication Data for: Mesoporous Titanium Oxynitride Monoliths from Block Directed Self-Assembly of Metal−Urea Additives

Kwan Wee Tan
Abstract: This report describes a simple one-pot soft-templating and ammonolysis-free approach to synthesize mesoporous crystalline titanium oxynitride by combining block copolymer-directed self-assembly with metal sol and urea precursors. The Pluronic F127 triblock copolymer was employed to structure-direct titanium-oxo-acetate sol nanoparticles and urea–formaldehyde into ordered hybrid mesostructured monoliths. The hybrid composites were directly converted into mesoporous crystalline titanium oxynitride and retained macroscale monolithic integrity up to 800 °C under nitrogen. Notably, the urea–formaldehyde additive provided nitrogen...
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