Related data for: Indium Tungsten Oxide Thin Films for Flexible High-Performance Transistors and Neuromorphic Electronics

Nidhi Tiwari, Mayank Rajput, Rohit Abraham John, Anh Chien Nguyen & Nripan Mathews
Thin-film transistors (TFTs) with high electrical performances (mobility > 10 cm2/V s, Vth 1 V, SS 1 V/decade, on/off ratio ≈ 106) obtained from the silicon- and oxide-based single-crystalline semiconductor materials require high processing temperature and hence are not suitable for flexible electronics. Amorphous oxide-based transparent electronic devices are attractive to meet emerging technological demands where crystalline oxide-/silicon-based architectures cannot provide a solution. Here, we tackle this problem by using a novel amorphous oxide semiconducting...
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