Climate warming from managed grasslands cancels the cooling effect of carbon sinks in sparsely grazed and natural grasslands

J. Chang, P. Ciais, T. Gasser, P. Smith, M. Herrero, P. Havlik, M. Obersteiner, B. Guenet, D.S. Goll, W. Li, V. Naipal, S. Peng, C. Qiu, H. Tian, N. Viovy, C. Yue & D. Zhu
Grasslands absorb and release carbon dioxide (CO2), emit methane (CH4) from grazing livestock and emit nitrous oxide (N2O) from soils. Little is known about how the fluxes of these three greenhouse gases, from managed and natural grasslands worldwide, have contributed to past climate change, or the roles of managed pastures versus natural grasslands. Here, global trends and regional patterns of the full greenhouse gas balance of grasslands are estimated for the period 1750 to 2012....
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