MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM Documentation - 2020 release

V Krey, P Havlik, PN Kishimoto, O Fricko, J Zilliacus, M Gidden, M Strubegger, G Kartasasmita, T Ermolieva, N Forsell, F Guo, M Gusti, D Huppmann, N Johnson, J Kikstra, G Kindermann, P Kolp, F Lovat, DL McCollum, J Min, S Pachauri, SC Parkinson, S Rao, J Rogelj, G Ünlü … & K Riahi
These webpages document the IIASA Integrated Assessment Modeling (IAM) framework, also referred to as MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM. MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM is a global model, covering 11 world regions and was originally developed for the quantification of the so-called Shared Socio-economic Pathways (SSPs). The documentation includes information on the spatial and temporal structure of the model, the socio-economic drivers, the energy supply and demand sector representation, the agriculture, forest and other land-use component, and the macro-economic and climate modules. It...
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