Crowdsourcing deforestation in the tropics during the last decade: Data sets from the “Driver of Tropical Forest Loss” Geo-Wiki campaign

J.C. Laso Bayas, L. See, I. Georgieva, D. Schepashchenko, O. Danylo, M. Dürauer, H. Bartl, F. Hofhansl, M. Lesiv, R. Zadorozhniuk, M. Burianchuk, F. Sirbu, B. Magori, K. Blyshchyk, V. Blyshchyk, A.H. Rabia, C.K. Pawe, Y.-F. Su, M. Ahmed, K. Panging, O. Melnyk, O. Vasylyshyn, R. Vasylyshyn, A. Bilous, S. Bilous … & S. Fritz
The data set is the result of the Drivers of Tropical Forest Loss crowdsourcing campaign. The campaign took place in December 2020. A total of 58 participants contributed validations of almost 120k locations worldwide. The locations were selected randomly from the Global Forest Watch tree loss layer (Hansen et al 2013), version 1.7. At each location the participants were asked to look at satellite imagery time series using a customized Geo-Wiki user interface and identify...
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