Using Models to inform Policies that meet multiple Objectives. Assessing the Contribution of Brazil's Forest Code to Biodiversity Conservation

G. CâMara, F. Ramos, A. Soterroni, R. Cartaxo, P. Andrade, M. Buurman, A. Affonso, G. EspíNdola, A.Y. De Carvalho, M. Pena, A. Mosnier, M. Obersteiner, F. Kraxner, J. Pirker, G. Bocqueho, P. Havlik, R. Mant, V. Kapos & S. Garcia-Rangel
Land-use change models can help to develop a holistic understanding of the range of potential impacts of different land-use related policy options, and so can strengthen development and implementation of policies to meet a range of objectives, including biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, sustainable development and food security. Brazil’s Native Vegetation Protection Act, commonly known as the Forest Code (FC), is one example of a policy that can be used to achieve several objectives. Using...
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