SHREC 2020 Track: Extended Monocular Image Based 3D Model Retrieval

Wenhui Li, Dan Song, Anan Liu, Weizhi Nie, Ting Zhang, Xiaoqian Zhao, Mingsheng Ma, Yuqian Li, Heyu Zhou, Beibei Zhang, Shengjie Le, Dandan Wang, Tongwei Ren, Gangshan Wu, The-Anh Vu-Le, Xuan-Nhat Hoang, E-Ro Nguyen, Thang-Long Nguyen-Ho, Hai-Dang Nguyen, Trong-Le Do & Minh-Triet Tran
Monocular image based 3D object retrieval has attracted more and more attentions in the field of 3D object retrieval. However, the research of 3D object retrieval based on 2D image is still challenging, mainly because of the gap between data from different modalities. To further support this research, we extend the previous track SHREC19'MI3DOR to organize this track, and we construct the expanded monocular image based 3D object retrieval benchmark. Compared with SHREC19'MI3DOR, this benchmark...
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