Demmin, Germany (October 2015) - An EnMAP Preparatory Flight Campaign

Maximilian Brell, Daniel Spengler, Thomas Ruhtz, Kathrin Ward, Sabine Chabrillat, Karl Segl, Saskia Foerster & Sibylle Itzerott
The dataset is composed of Hyspex (VNIR/SWIR) hyperspectral imagery acquired during airplane overflights on October 1, 2015 within the Demmin Research Area. The acquisition conditions were cloud free. The dataset includes two mosaics generated based on 9 HySpex flight lines. The dataset also includes Level 2A EnMAP-like imagery simulated using the end-to-end Simulation tool (EeteS). Additionally, a soil database focusing on the soil organic carbon content (SOC) with geographic coordinates, SOC content, texture and spectral...
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