SURFTRAP - Development and Optimisation of a Process to Biosynthesize Reactive Iron Mineral Surfaces for Water Treatment Purposes

S. Peiffer, S. Paikaray, C. Damian, E. Janneck, S. Ehinger, M. Martin, M. Schlömann, C. Wiacek, J. Kipry, W. Schmahl, R. Pentcheva, K. Otte, A. Götz, Z. Wang, K. Hsieh, J. Meyer, G. Schöne, T. Koch, A. Ziegler & D. Burghardt
In this project we aim to develop a low-cost technology to remove ionic constituents from raw waters such as arsenic species. The proposed technology is based on the reactivity of schwertmannite, an oxyhydroxosulfate of the mean stochiometry Fe8O8(OH)6SO4 (molar mass 772.89 g/mol). This mineral typically forms in acidic and sulfate rich mine waters as a secondary mineral upon oxidation of Fe(II) in a biologically mediated process. Schwertmannite can be generated in a biotechnological process after...
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